Product Selection Guide

(Dry Heat Only)
These are the original-design dentronix pliers that made us a leader in the orthodontic instrument business. Inserted with vanadium cobalt tool steel, these pliers offer the optimum in wear, control, and durability. Three year warranty on manufacturing defects. Lifetime warranty on bond failure. Dry Heat sterilize only.
Comparison of Tip Materials
(Steam or Dry Heat)
Our autoclavable line of pliers feature super-hard non-ferrous inserts that resist wear and corrosion. Lifetime warranty on bond failure and environmental corrosion. Three year warranty against manufacturing defects. One year continuing warranty on reconditioning, sharpening, and reinserting.
(Steam or Dry Heat)
Our non-inserted line offers a steam sterilizable option made from solid stainless steel. These pliers are hardened to optimum levels and offer good wear characteristics. Non-inserted pliers have a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
References to “steam” sterilization or “autoclavable” indicate that these pliers are manufactured with tip materials that resist rust. No other properties are inferred.

Box Joint
Lap Joint
All dentronix pliers are manufactured from premium USA-made box-jointed plier blanks. Compared to the scissors-style lap joint, this encapsulated design offers tremendous advantages in increased bearing surfaces and contact areas for maintaining tip alignment.
High Gloss
Satin Finish
Standard finish on dentronix pliers is high gloss. This highly polished surface provides the best resistance to corrosion, staining, and discoloration. We believe that for a premium plier, it is the only sensible finish. For those who prefer a low gloss satin finish, it can be provided on request at a small additional charge.

All Dentronix manufactured pliers are handcrafted at our worldwide headquarters in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio