LED 3000
LED 3000 Curing Light
LED 3000 Curing Light

LED 3000 Curing Light

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The new LED 3000 from Dentronix
The LED 3000 provides PAC-like performance in an affordable and reliable LED (Light Emitting Diode) design. Validated at 3250mW/cm2 in 3K mode,  this light optimizes all of your light curing procedures. It is particularly effective for indirect bonding techniques. Where lower power is indicated, the LED 3000 has a Standard Mode with output of 1600 mW/cm2.

Light weight and perfect balance make the LED 3000 easy to handle.
Precision-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the LED 3000 handle combines optimum durability with extremely light weight. At only 4.4 oz., the LED 3000 doesn't get heavy when performing long bonding procedures. Plus, the lightweight 8mm optical glass turbo tip is easily removable for sterilization.

Time is money and the LED 3000 can save you big!
The 3K mode offers cure settings of 1 second, two seconds, and three seconds, PLUS an automatic Ortho Mode(OM). OM is programmed for 32 consecutive 3-second exposures, with a one second “OFF” interval accompanied by an audible signal. This allows for easy, uninterrupted mesio-distal navigation around the entire arch. Just press the shot button whenever your bonding sequence is done and the Ortho Mode resets. When compared to the 20-second curing times of standard lights, the LED 3000 can save almost 8 hours of chair time per every 100 patients. That’s an ROI that is awesome!

  • Serviced by Dentronix. 
  • Field replaceable battery. 
  • Ortho mode cures brackets in 3-seconds per side.
  • Stores in tabletop charger so it’s always ready to go.

LED 3000 Kit includes light handle with rechargeable battery, 8 mm turbo tip, charger base, power cord, barrier sleeves, ortho light shield, tip light shields, battery replacement screwdriver,and user manual.


174.5mm x 24.8mm
Net weight 125 Grams (4.4 oz)

Detailed instructions for care are provided in the user manual. The LED 3000 is delivered with disposable barrier sleeves to prevent cross-contamination. Surface disinfection of the handle can be accomplished with a quarternary/alcohol blend disinfectant. Do not use glutaraldehydes, denatured alcohol, Lysol®, phenols, ammonia complex, bleach, or iodine complex. This device should not be immersed in liquids. The fiber optic turbo tip (light guide) is removable and can be autoclaved.



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