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LED 3000 Product Profile
Aug 13th, 2013
by dentronixadmin

Dentronix_LED3000_clearTip-175With the entire orthodontic world going digital, the purely analog process of bonding brackets to teeth is still a key function of orthodontic treatment. Even in the 21st century, bonding can be a procedure fraught with variables, and those variables can make the difference between success and failure in bond integrity. Over the years, there has been much discussion regarding specifics on bonding agents, etchants and etching procedures, as well as adjunct elements such as sand blasting and bracket base designs, but according to Zachrisson and Buyukyilmaz[1], good bond strength depends primarily on (a), avoiding moisture contamination, and (b), undisturbed setting of the bonding adhesive. Both of these factors can be minimized by reducing the overall time of the bonding procedure.

With 3250mW2 in High Power mode, the Dentronix  LED 3000 was developed specifically to provide the orthodontist with a light that will safely compress the curing process to the minimum time available with camphorquinone photoinitiators . The High Power setting is especially useful for indirect bonding, where penetration of tray materials can be an issue in bond strength and integrity. In addition to enhancing bond quality, shorter cycle times produce improved efficiencies in revenue.  Our own data indicates over 8 hours of time savings per 100 patients bonded when compared to the use of 20-second halogen curing cycles. An automatic ORTHO mode cycles the light at three second intervals with an audible beep and a 1 second rest. This allows navigating the entire arch mesio-distally with consistent six-second per bracket cure times. Individual 1, 2 and 3- second cycles are also selectable at the push of a button, as well as toggling to a Standard Power mode of 1600mW2 when lower power is indicated.

Dentronix has been a manufacturer of premium orthodontic instruments since the late 1960’s and the LED 3000 fits into our tradition of high-quality materials and great handling balance. Made from extruded aircraft aluminum, the all metal construction is extremely durable, yet light in weight at only 4.4 ounces. The cordless design features a user-replaceable polymer-ion battery, removing it from the realm of disposable-type products. It will provide years of reliable service – backed by the Dentronix factory team for any service or support that you may require. This curing light is delivered with an 8mm optical turbo tip and an orthodontic light shield that is rotatable a full 360°. The handle stores in its own charger base so it is always ready for use at full power.

[1] Graber, Vanarsdall, Vig, Orthodontics/ Current Principles and Techniques, 4th Edition, Chapter 14, 2005

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