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Effective Biological Monitoring
Apr 25th, 2013
by dentronixadmin

sterilizerWPlateDry heat is different. It is not an exposure process like steam and saturated chemical vapor. Lethality against pathogenic organisms is not simply the result of chamber conditions reaching sterilization parameters. The instrument load must reach those parameters. For this reason false positives and false negatives are always a possibility if spore strips are not properly placed in the sterilizer. For any biological monitor to verify your dry heat process it must be in intimate contact with an object in the load that has the same heat conduction properties as your instruments. Dentronix designed a special spore strip holder that is delivered as part of your DDS 7000 accessory kit. They are also available separately. These holders encase the spore strip between stainless steel pads and help reflect actual sterilizing conditions in your chamber. This device is essential to effective monitoring. [caption id="attachment_66" align="alignleft" width="210"]dssh-1 DSSH-1 Spore Strip Holder[/caption] See your operators’ manual for details, particularly if you have been getting positive results from random monitor strip placement in the chamber. DSSH-1 $29.95

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