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DDS 7000 Updates
Apr 25th, 2013
by dentronixadmin

DDS7000 DDS 7000 sterilizers manufactured after January 16, 2012 will feature a reduced cycle time and design enhancements to improve efficiency and reliability. The only visual clues to the new design will be an enlarged exhaust air duct on the back of the unit and the removal of louver vents on the sides of the cabinet. Part numbers for ordering remain the same. Using software modifications and enhanced airflow components, these new sterilizers will complete a full, cool-to-cool cycle in under 40 minutes. We have achieved cycle times as short as 37 minutes on our test loads, however individual results may vary based on loading configuration and ambient room temperature. An important modification to airflow has been achieved by moving the location of the exhaust fan into the airflow duct, providing a cooler environment for fan operation, increasing service life. Our suggested retail on this unit in the USA will be $3995. Future engineering projects at the Dentronix Product Lab will be focused on reducing unit weight and developing methods of processing instruments in sealed containers. The current operating principles of dry heat technology preclude packaging of any type during sterilization. This has rendered the DDS series of sterilizers non-compliant in locales that require bagging of instruments during sterilization. We are currently investigating a number of steam options to expand our sterilization portfolio.

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