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Benefits of Properly Loading Your DDS7000
Oct 01th, 2012
by dentronixadmin

Loading your sterilizer may be an overly simple process to discuss, however improper loading can have a huge negative impact on unit performance and longevity. A properly loaded dry heat sterilizer has many benefits: 1) An overloaded DDS-7000 can cause an E-19 error code; failure to cool down at the end of the cycle. A continuation of this practice can also cause the over limit heat sensor to trip and cause a loss of power to the heater leading to an E-05. 2) Improperly loading a sterilizer may lead to unsterile instruments. For example, we have seen offices using cassettes and wraps which do not allow sufficient airflow to heat the load to sterilizing temperature. Your DDS series of sterilizer has been designed, tested, and biologically validated using the plier racks that are delivered with each unit. [caption id="attachment_51" align="alignright" width="240"]sterilizerBurs These burs came out of one sterilizer after it was returned for cleaning. They were found in the bottom of the unit around the fan shroud.[/caption] 3) Small object such as bits, burs or ligature wire may fall through the air vents of the deck plate and eventually jam the blower wheel. Once the blower wheel is jammed, the over limit heat sensor will trip and cause a loss of power to the heater on the DDS-7000 or a complete loss of power on a DDS-5000. This is not a safe practice. Continuing to trip the limit switch will cause it to wear out and it will need to be replaced. 4) Small objects can also be blown by the blower wheel inside the heater causing an electrical short to occur. The Dentronix dry heat sterilizers were not designed to handle these small objects. 5) Pliers racks should be placed in the rack channels so they are directly over the holes in the deck plate. This allows for proper air flow through the racks which will help to eliminate hot instruments at the end of the cycle. The blower wheel is drawing the cool air from the fan during cool down and pushing it across the heater. Improperly placed racks will NOT allow this air flow.

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