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Racing to the Bottom
Jan 01th, 2011
by dentronixadmin

When I started in the plier business in 1974, Dentronix had two primary competitors vying for your downhillinserted instrument business. Each entity had a valid value proposition and carved out their own specific niche. These companies were home grown; all crafting their plier products in the USA. At last year’s AAO meeting in DC, I counted 41 companies selling orthodontic pliers. Many of these products come from the other side of the world where labor costs are cheap and manufacturing skills are abundant but primitive. Each salesperson hustling instruments seemed to be giving a better deal than the last. It is ironic to note that as the number of choices for orthodontists has exploded, there has been a diminished understanding of what constitutes a functional instrument that delivers value to your practice. Through articles in this publication, we will continue to provide the information to help you make informed decisions about the tools of your trade. There are differences in imported products beyond just labor costs that effect how instruments work and wear. In today’s trying economic times, it is very important to seek the best value for your dollar; the best bang for your buck. We believe there is still room in the marketplace for products that are built with pride and provide value beyond the initial price; a value measured by service and support and the knowledge of dealing with a company that understands your needs. There are entire segments of our industry that are in a race to the bottom. We still think it’s better to be on top.

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